Test Method: ASTM D2699 & ASTM D2700
Automation Apparatus for Waukesha CFR Octane Test Engines
• FULLY Conform to ASTM Methods D2699 and D2700
• No Modification to the Engine
• Easily Switchable Between Automated and Manual .....Operation
• Four Products from Data Capture Only to Hands Off .....Automation
• Operator Time Saving
• Improved Data Precision
• ISO Traceability is Simplified With Full Documentation
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Upgrading of Waukesha CFR laboratory octane test engines is now available that fully andin all details conform to ASTM D2699 and D2700 test methods (including procedures A, B, & C). Unlike other systems, there is NO modification to the CFR engine, and on-the-fly switching from automated to manual operation is done by a simple turn of the fuel selector valve and a single electrical switch.

Available are four products ranging from economical data capture only, to full hands off automation. Each product is simply upgradable at a later date to the product of higher degree of automation.

Key benefits of the OCTATEST product line are:

PC with radio controlled mouse and keyboard (i.e. cable free) is included and supplied with Windows based proprietary software. Data capture and data management including all calculations and data storage are done by the software. This data capture offers full, simplified ISO traceability with full documentation.

Depending on the degree of automation selected, data is trapped from the knock meter, cylinder height position, and detonation meter. Detailed reports are printed out at end of each test or on command. Historic data is easily retrievable. This data is available for transfer to a LIMMS for storage or to a spread sheet for further analysis.

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All ASTM method tables are automatically corrected for barometric pressure with internal certified sensor.

The software provides step by step check list and instructions that aid an even a low skill operator to follow the correct procedure. Operator errors are reduced and data precision is improved.

The system (depending on the degree of automation chosen) provides significant savings of operator’s time, freeing him to other more productive activities during the engine running phase.

Maximum fuel level is automatically determined using strictly ASTM procedure. Automation increases drastically repeatability and precision of "maximum fuel level" determination.

The software facilitates PRF and TSF blending by doing all the needed calculations.

Octane Number is rapidly estimated for bracketing.

Integral data base is available for detonation meter calibration for all TSF temperatures.

Installation is simple and a minimum of maintenance is required once installed.

Available Models
Model No.
Test Positions
the lowest level product and captures data from the knock meter. It comes in cabinet containing a PC and additional electronics for data capture. It is simply electrically connected to the knock meter. The PC comes with a radio connected keyboard and mouse thus avoiding cable entanglements. The proprietary Windows based software comes installed on the PC’s hard drive.
may be upgraded at a later date to any of the other products described below.
Octest Control Unit
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Available Models
Model No.
Test Positions
comes with the same features as Model OD-201 described above but in addition comes with a device that automatically measures cylinder height. The software captures the knock meter data as well as the cylinder height data
may be upgraded after the original installation to Model OA-871 for full automation, described below.
Cylinder Height Data Acquisistion System

Available Models
Model No.
Test Positions
is intended for Waukesha engines not equipped with cylinder height electrical motor.
comes with the same features as Model OD-412 described above.
Cylinder height control must be done by the operator with the hand wheel.
Thereafter, Model OA-516 is fully automated in term of fuel supply and maximum fuel level automated determination.

The carburetor, used for maximum fuel level determination is automatically driven or down by an electric motor.
A simple turn of a valve returns the control from automated Model OA-516 to the operator and back again if so desired

Available Models
Model No.
Test Positions
comes with the same features as Model OD-412 described above, but in addition it automatically controls the cylinder height. Safety limit switches also are provided to protect the engine from damage.
comes with 4 covered bowls of the same volume as the original CFR engine plus an integral glass tube showing fuel level. The bowls are connected via solenoid valves to a common fuel collector. The system has been designed to avoid fuel cross contamination and to minimize the entrapment of air bubbles.

The carburetor is automatically driven up or down by a small electric motor.

A simple turn of a valve returns the control from automated Model OA-871 to the operator and back again if so desired.
comes with the same features as the Model OA-871 described above, but in addition comes with automation of the detonation meter.

Again, as with all the other products, Model OA-871X may be simply switched from the automated to manual operation.

4 Bowl Fuel Dispenser

Automated Fuel Level Control Bowl

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