Test Method: ASTM D613
Automation of Waukesha Cetane Test Engines
• FULLY Conforms to ASTM D613 Test Method
•  No Modification to the Engine
• On-The-Fly Swichable Between Automated And
...Manual Operation
• Four Products from Data Capture Only to Hands Off
• Operator Time Saving
• Improved Data Precision
• ISO Traceability is Simplified With Full Documentation
• Automation for Laboratory and On-Line Engines
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Upgrading of Waukesha CFR laboratory and on-line cetane test engines is now available that fully and in all details conform to ASTM D613 test method. Available are three products for laboratory engines and one for in-line engines. Products range from economical data capture only to full hands off automation. Each product is simply upgradable at a later date to the product with higher degree of automation. 

The software automatically records all data (depending on degree of automation) from dual cetane meter, hand wheel position, injection timing, and ignition delay. Data management and data treatment including all calculations and data storage are done by the software in strict accordance with ASTM D613 method. This data capture offers full, simplified ISO traceability with full documentation. Test results precision is improved. Detailed reports are printed out at end of each test or on command. Historic data is easily retrievable. The data is available for transfer to a LIMMS for storage or to a spread sheet for further analysis. 

All calculations for U & T blends are done by the software. 

One important feature of this engine automation system is the ability to switch in mid-test from automated to manual operation and back again.

CETATEST Model CD-555 Data Acquisition System can now upgrade Waukesha cetane laboratory test engines able to capture data from the dual cetane meter. 

Model CD-555 consists of a PC with additional electronics and supplied with Windows XP based proprietary software. Radio controlled mouse and keyboard eliminate the normal cables.

The software guides the operator step by step as per ASTM D613 method. These instructions allow even a lesser skilled operator to perform the cetane test as specified by the method.

CETATEST Model CD-555X is the same as Model CD-555, above, but in addition has the ability to capture the hand wheel position using a laser measuring device.

CETATEST Model CA-745 is the full hands off cetane engine automation system with all the features of the above two models, plus automated hand wheel position control, plus injection timing, plus fuel flow control. The hand wheel control is accomplished with a high precision stepper motor mounted to the hand wheel. The positioning precision is 0.02 mm. The hand wheel can be still be manually overridden by only a slight finger pressure allowing test continuation in the manual mode.

CETATEST Model CA-970 has all the same features of Model CA-745, above, but is specifically adapted for on-line cetane engine operation. Model CA-970 is controlled from the control room, can be started and stopped remotely, and offers automated certification before blending.

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