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Table of Contents
Page 3
Methods Index
Page 58
Page 60
Page 4
Page 6
Brookfield Accessories
Page 7
Low Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths
Page 8
High Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths
Page 9
Automated Analyzers for Cold Properties (no cryostat)
Page 10
Manual Cloud and Pour Point
Page 12
Manual Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)
Page 14
Freeze Point
Page 15
Automated Fuels Stability Analyzer Asphatine Peptizing Value
Page 16
Temperature Data Acquisition System (Maven)
Page 17
Low Temperature Flow Test (LTFT) (Automated)
Page 18
Low Temperature Flow Test (LTFT) (Manual)
Page 19
Flourescent Indicator Adsorption (FIA Method)
Page 20
High Temperature Stability of Distillate Fuels (Heated)
Page 21
Octane CFR Test Engine (Automated)
Page 22
On-line Octane CFR Engine Automation
Page 25
Cetane CFR Engine Automation
Page 26
Blenders for Octane and Cetane Reference Fuels (Automated)
Page 27
Foam Testing (Heated Air)
Page 28
Foam Testing (Liquid)
Page 29
Upgrading of Existing Foam Testing Apparatus
Page 30
Foam Testing Diffuser Certification
Page 31
Diffuser Re-Certification Service
Page 31
Automated Apparatus for Cleaning Foam Testing Cylinders
Page 32
Low Temperature Torque of Grease
Page 33
Water-Oil Separability (Demulsability)
Page 34
Specific Gravity - API Gravity
Page 35
Pour Point Stability (Programmable Refrigerated)
Page 36
Flock Point Determination
Page 37
Dropping Point of Greases
Page 37
Cold Shear Rheometer (Automated)
Page 38
Low Temperature Cryostat for Automated Cold Property Analyzers
Page 39
Refrigerated Coolers for Automotive Lubricants Testing
Page 39
Filterability of Hydraulic Fluids (automated)
Page 40
Bottle Tumbler for Hydraulic Stability of Hydraulic Fluids
Page 40
Air Release Properties
Page 41
Oil Separation from Grease
Page 41
Oxidation Stability (Heated Tube)
Page 42
Oxidation Stability (Dry Bath)
Page 43
Oxidation Stability (Liquid Baths)
Page 44
Oxidation Stability (Chilled Water)
Page 45
Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Highly Refined Oils (Dry Bath)
Page 46
Universal Oxidation Dry Baths for Oxidation and Thermal Stability
Page 47
Oxidation Stability of Mineral Oils (Cigre Dry Baths)
Page 48
Oxidation Stability of Fuels
Page 49
Oxidation Stability of Insulation oils (Liquid Bath)
Page 49
Rusting Characteristics of Oils
Page 50
Copper Corrosion by Petroleum Products
Page 52
Silver Corrosion by Petroleum Products
Page 53
Lead Corrosion by Petroleum Products
Page 54
Rust Testing in Humidity Cabinet
Page 55
Asphalt Oxidizing Reactor
Page 56
Foaming Tendency of Engine Coolants
Page 56
Effect of Liquids or Air on Rubber Properties
Page 57

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