Test Method: ASTM D7501 (formerly ASTM D6751 Annex)
Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT)
  • Liquid bath for better uniformity
  • Conforms to ASTM D7501 & D6751 Annex Requirements
  • 6 positions dedicated for 4�C +/- 0.5�C (40�F +/- 1�F)
  • Dual bath with 6 additional positions for 25�C +/- 0.5�C (77�F +/- 1�F)
  • Digital indicating temperature controller with +/- 0.1�C stability
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Model 325-6 is a liquid bath designed for 6 samples as for the new Cold Soak Filtration Test (CSFT), for temperatures from ambient to -30°C.

Model 325-12 has a second bath with 6 sample capacity for +25°C+/- 0.5°C (77°F +/- 1°F) warm-up per the method. Controlling to such tight stability requirement is easy with 325-12

In order to accommodate six 500 mL jars, typically available refrigerated baths get wider and deeper as size increased. The Lawler design is specific for this test method resulting in a smaller size and less than 5 gallons (20 L) bath medium.

The insulated bath is cooled by one compressor. Temperature control is provided by digital indicating controller.

Included with the Unit
Rack for immersion of samples in bath
Flask Assembly: Receiving Flask, Safety Flask, Ground Wire
FH-2 Funnel and Funnel Base
Vacuum System: Pump, Guage, Regulator, Stand
Six 500 mL jars with screw on lids (Mason Jar type)

Part No.
Receiving/Safety Flask
Glass Fiber Filter Paper, plain, 47 mm, nominal pore 0.7 micron, pack of 100

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