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Custom Designed Apparatus

Not every test method has commercial laboratory equipment available or sometimes even an approved ASTM Test Method.

Rather than contract your in-house shop or an outsource to a typical industrial panel shop, contact us. We can not only fabricate high quality one-of-a-kind equipment, but understand laboratory best practices. Our company is celebrating over 60 years serving the petroleum analyzer market.

We understand your concerns about laboratory space (“footprint”), sensor technology from lab to industrial scale, automating the sequencing of tests, ease of use for your chemists and technicians, sample positioning such as turntables, data capture, and reporting.

Sample Preparation
Especially consider us when your sample requires conditioning to temperature. Embed your sample into our refrigeration or heated tube system. Make your experiment more compact and avoid losses and safety concerns of pumping bath media.
•Custom Software
Sample Conditioning
•Refrigeration: -120ºC to -75ºC
•Heating to 350°C
Data Acquisition Motion Control & Positioning
Flexible Cabinet Construction
Methods Measurement & Control
•And much more...
•Touch Panel PC
•Single loop controllers
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