Test Method: ASTM D1401
Test Apparatus for Water in Oil Separability (Demulsability)

  • Meets The Requirements of ASTM D1401 and Related Methods
  • Full Visibility Bath with the Range of 40° to 95°C
  • Digital Display Temperature Controller for ±0.2°C Stability
  • Capacity for 7 Graduated Test Tubes
  • Adjustable Stirrer Operating at 1500 rpm ±1 rpm configurable to 2500 rpm
  • Configurable stirrer shutdown time and 7 sample timers up to 59.99 min
  • Audible alarm for stirrer shutdown
  • Sample turntable with fixed motor position, avoids alignment problems
  • High visibility: 3 viewing sides and backlit
  • Enclosed cabinet with removable jar for tighter temperature control and improved operator safety
  • Viewing sides are special scratch resistant plastic

Model 305
is a robust 7 position apparatus that meets the full requirements of ASTM D1401 and related Water Separability (demulsability) methods by testing an emulsion formed by stirring water and a lubricating oil sample. The glass jar heating bath has a range of 40° to 95°C and a stability of ±0.1°C. The temperature is digitally displayed with a resolution of 0.1°C.

A color touch panel, which is friendlier than single line displays, is used to display temperature and RPM plus control the unit. Plus it also has built in timers for each position to avoid the need for stopwatches. When agitation is stopped an audible alarm is sounded to alert the user.

The adjustable speed stirrer operates at 1500 rpm ±1 rpm and is a precision motor unaffected by fluctuations in AC line voltage that would change the speed of AC motors in competitive units. The stirrer speed RPM is measured by a tachometer and digitally displayed.

The stirrer motor is securely fixed with only a vertical range of motion without the use of belts or chains. The Lawler design permits lifting for paddle and sample removal. Time is saved in alignment for the next test and future mechanical problems are avoided by keeping the motor fixed and use of a sample turntable that locks in place at each position.

The stirrer paddle and shaft is machined from a single piece of stainless steel. This paddle reduces the possible micro crevices which may accumulate contamination. These contaminants are difficult to remove in paddles of conventional soldered shaft and paddle construction.

The enclosed cabinet design gives the unit a stable footprint less prone to topple over and safer in high temperature applications than open jar designs. The bath jar is easily removable from the rear. Additional safeguards include low level, over temperature, and circuit breaker protection. The bath cover reduces water loss and has the capacity for 7 graduated test cylinders. The unit is backlit for easier reading of the emulsion separation line.

The approximate overall dimensions are 15 x 18 x 30 inches high (38 x 46 x 77 cm).

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Model No.
100 mL Graduated Cylinder, each
Disposable 100mL Graduated Cylinders, per dozen
Spare One Piece SS Paddle/Shaft (For convenience of cleaning one while running other)
Specifications subject to change without notice. Lawler Manufacturing Corporation © 2011

ASTM D1401, D2711, ISO 6614, FTM 791-3201, DIN 51 599, NF T60-125, Demulsability, Water Separability, Water in Oil Separability, Water in Oil, Steam Turbine Oils, Water in Oil Emulsion, Oil in Water Emulsion