Test Method: ASTM D2699, D2700, D2885

Refrigerated Air Intake Dehumdifier / Chiller for Octane Knock Engines

• Conforms to ASTM D2699, D2700, and D2885

• Replaces the Ice Tower for CFR Engine Air Drying

• Condensate Pan Constructed of Stainless Steel 

• Chilled Liquid Reservoir and Pump for Cooling the CFR Carburetor and Sample Bowl

• Digital Temperature Controller

• Shipped Fully Assembled

• Includes agitator for increased temperature stability and reduced algae formation
• Portable and fixed mount digital humidity sensors are optionally available
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Model 500 is a refrigerated system replacing the conventional ice tower used for dehumidifying the intake air to the CFR octane knock engine (lab as well as on-line engines). Room air is filtered as it is drawn into the unit by the CFR carburetor. It is designed to chill the inlet air to 1.5° to 3.5°C. The temperature is adjustable via a front mounted digital indicating controller.

The unit uses ozone friendly, commonly available refrigerant.

A separate 10 liter (2.5 gal) liquid, well insulated reservoir is also chilled by the same refrigeration system. It is controlled by a front mounted digital controller and can be cooled as low as -10°C with temperature stability of ±0.5°C. The reservoir temperature is quickly adjustable. The reservoir is equipped with a pump to circulate the cooling fluid to the engine's carburetor as well as to test fuel bowl if it requires chilling.

The compact, lockable caster mounted cabinet measures about 24 inches square at the base. For protection against corrosion, it is constructed of anodized aluminum framing with side panels of painted aluminum-plastic composite. An important feature is the stainless steel construction of the condensation pan for long life with protection against rusting. The condensate drains via a plastic tube to a floor drain.

Model 500 comes fully assembled and is ready for connection to the Waukesha supplied humidifier tube leading to the carburetor. It also comes equipped with all needed plastic tubing for connection to the carburetor via a front mounted quick disconnect in and out couplings. The tubing is insulated to prevent sweating. A separate set of connections is provided by quick disconnect couplings for hoses for chilling the sample fuel bowl.

The easily accessible, front mounted control panel includes main power switch, power switch for the pump, and two digital display controllers (air temperature and liquid reservoir temperature).

Model 500 is available for 220 volts, 50 or 60 Hz as well as for 115 volts, 60 Hz.

Shipping:40 x 28 x 75 inches (100 x 70 x 190 cm)   230 lbs (105 Kg)
Net  17 x 17 x 65 inches (43 x 43 x 165 cm)  215 lbs (98 Kg)

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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