Test Methods: DIN 51, 351, FTM 791-1303
Flock Point Determination of Refrigerating Oils
•  Conform to DIN 51 351 & FTM 791-1303
• Operating Temperature 25° to -70°C
• Temperature Stability of ±0.1°C
• Digital Indicating PID Temperature Controller
• Mechanically Refrigerated Liquid Bath

Model 29 is a full visibility, mechanically agitated liquid bath able to accept 9 test tubes as specified by DIN 51 531 test method for determination of flock point (compatibility) of refrigerants with refrigeration oils.

A digital indicating PID temperature controller with 0.1°C resolution provides stability and uniformity of ±0.1°C. Operating temperature range is from 15° to -70°C.

In the event of the primary controller failure a secondary controller prevents overheating.

The bath jar is an evacuated, unsilvered Dewar flask. The jar is back-lit by a fluorescent light to facilitate viewing of the oil/refrigerant in the test tubes. The jar is enclosed in a protective cabinet with a clear plastic viewing window.

Cooling is provided by mechanical refrigeration using ozone friendly refrigerants.

Model 31 is similar to Model 29 but its operating temperature range is from 15° to -40°C.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

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