Test Method: FTM 719-5308
Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability Test Baths
• Conforms to the Requirements of FTM 719-5308
• Two Independent Aluminum Block Baths
• Each Block with 2 Test Positions
• Each Block with Independent Temperature Control
• Operating Temperature from 40∞ to 400ºC
• Temperature Stability and Uniformity of ±0.5ºC

Model 419-4 is a dry block bath with two independent, insulated aluminum blocks conforming to FTM 719-5308 corrosiveness and oxidation stability test. The bench top cabinet holds both blocks separated by insulation. Each block has an independent digital display PID temperature controller. Each block may be operated at a different temperature from the other. Temperature stability and position to position uniformity within each block is ±0.5ºC (or better).

A redundant controller is also provided for each block interrupting power to the heaters in the event of primary controller failure and run away temperature.

Each position has front a mounted a ball-in-tube flowmeter with capacity of 3 to 5 ±0.5L/hr of air flow with precision control valves.

Condenser cooling water connections are provided at the back panel as well as support for the glassware.

Model 419-6 is very similar to Model 419-4, but with 6 test positions in a single aluminum block with a single temperature controller and 6 flowmeters.

Model 419-2+2 is similar to Model 419-4. One block with 2 test positions for FTM 719-5308 and a second independent block with 2 test positions for FTM 719-5307 (same as ASTM D4636). A pair of flowmeters is for 3 to 5 ±0.5L/hr of air flow. The second pair of flowmeters is for 10 ±1 L/hr.

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