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Lawler Manufacturing Corporation is celebrating its 64th year of supplying laboratory apparatus to the international and domestic fuels and lubricants industry. Lawler's innovation, quality, and service have been the foundation on which the company was built.

Our extensive line of products has been re-designed and features new cabinetry, CFC and HCFC free refrigeration, and improved safety design conforming to European CE as well as CSA standards.

Lawler Manufacturing provides instruments for testing of petroleum products for diesel fuels, jet fuel, and lubricant oils such as engine, hydraulic,gear, and automatic transmission fluids (ATF). The apparatus is designed to meet the specifications for many ASTM test methods, as well as IP, Federal Test Method 791C, DIN and others. More specifically, Lawler offers instruments for petroleum products such as foaming tendencies, low temperature Brookfield viscosity, kinematic viscosity, oxidation stability, and low temperature filterability. Lawler can also be your R&D partner, able to manufacture custom apparatus that is made to user's special test procedures or specifications for heated aluminum blocks, refrigerated baths, and programmable baths.

Lawler Manufacturing has recently introduced new products that are fully automated. They include a fully automated diffuser stone permeability and porosity measuring; fully automated apparatus for ASTM D4539 LTFT testing; liquid free baths for manual and automated cloud and pour point baths, CFPP and freezing point; and new heated tube technology for oxidation and heat stability testing.

We need your inputs:
If you have suggestions for new products or how to improve on the functionality or ease of use of our instruments please or call us at (732) 777-2040. Your inputs are important to us and are highly prized.

Specifications subject to change without notice.

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