Test Method: EN-14112, ASTM D6751, ISO 6886
Oxidation Stability of fats and oils

• Multiple models available to fit any budget
• Conforms to ISO 6886 and AOCS Cd 12b-92 Methods
• Conforms to EN 14112 and ASTM D6751 for biodiesel FAME oxidation
• Measures oxidation stability of fats and oils
• Automated operation
• Windows PC Data Acquisition
• Operating temperature from 40° to 150°C
• Temperature stability of ±0.2°C

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Model 321 series of oxidation stability baths conform to the requirements of ISO 6886 test method, AOCS Method Cd 12b-92, and EN-14122 test method, incorporated in ASTM D6751 specifications for B100 fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) for biodiesel blending. It is suitable for determination of the oxidative stability of edible fats and oils.

Models 321 series employ an aluminum block configured to fit the specified test tube holding 3.0 gm of FAME (fatty acid methyl esters). When the sample reaches test temperature of 110°C filtered, dry air is sparged at 10 ± 1L/hr. to each test specimen.

The volatiles generated (organic acids) from this oxidation process are collected in a receiver of distilled or deionized water. The increase of acidity in the receiver is measured with time with an integral conductivity measuring device. The oxidation induction period is automatically calculated based on the break in the rate of increase (second derivative) of conductivity in the receiver.

Each position’s receiver has cap with an integral conductivity probe reporting data to the PC.

Available Models
Model No.
No. of
Test Positions
Economical model, single block bath, supplied with operating software, glassware, connecting tubing, two conductivity probes, optional air filter/dryer and pump, Laptop included.
Single block bath with 4 test positions, supplied with operating software, glassware, connecting tubing, 4 conductivity probes, optional air filter/dryer and pump, Laptop included.

Accessories and Options
Part No.
Oxidation reaction vessel
Measuring vessel

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