Test Method: D1319
Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption (FIA Method) Test Apparatus
• Conforms to ASTM D1319 Test Method
• Available in two, four or six test positions
• Large easy to read gauges
• Adjustable scales
• Portable vibrator supplied for tighter silica gel packing

Lawler FIA-1319 is a series of apparatus used for the determination of saturated, non-aromatic olefins, and aromatics in petroleum fractions that distill below 315°C (600°F) by Fluorescent Indicator Adsorption (FIA Method). This apparatus conforms to ASTM D1319 and other similar test methods. It is available in 6, 4, and 2 position versions.

Lawler supplies a portable handheld vibrator, purchased separately. It is unlike competitive units that offer fixed mounted vibrator. Benefit is the ability to focus the vibration to specific areas of the column to more tightly pack the silica gel.

Model FIA-1319-6 consists of

  • Wall mounting panel with universal brackets and mounting fixtures for 6 FIA columns
  • 6 easy to read pressure gauges
  • Pressure manifold with precision needle valve for each position
  • Zone measuring device
  • Spherical joint/hose connector for each position
  • Complete standard adsorption column for each position
  • Portable UV lamp
Model FIA-1319-4 is identical to Model FIA-1319-4 but has 4 test positions.

Model FIA-1319-2 is identical to Model FIA-1319-4 but has 2 test positions.

The test method permits the use of two types of adsorption columns and Lawler offers both. Precision bore columns, our part number FIA-11, can be reused after cleaning. Requires purchase of one cleaning capillary, our FIA-14. Adsorption columns with standard bore, our FIA-16, offer the convenience of being disposable after each use. Order additional replacement columns, our FIA-17. Additional spare parts for both the precision bore and standard columns, while not required, are available and listed in below.

In addition to the FIA-1319 apparatus, also needed are a portable vibrator, standard silica gel, dyed silica gel, and appropriate number of spare precision bore or standard columns (see below). Columns are very long, fragile, and costly to ship, so consider ordering larger quantities of spares to amortize the shipping costs.

Available Models
Model No.
2 Test Positions
4 Test Positions
6 Test Positions

Spare Parts and Accessories
Part No.

2 Precision bore columns test kit (includes 2 ea precision column, tip, upper and lower clamps, and spherical joint/hose connector)

Standard Silica gel, 50 x 10 gm. packets
Standard Silica gel, 100 gm. bottle
Standard Silica gel, 1 lb. bottle
Dyed Silica gel, 40 gm. bottle
Cleaning capillary (for precision bore columns only)
Replacement spherical joint/hose connector (upper)
Replacement standard column charger/separator section with socket joint
Replacement analyzer sections for standard columns, 12 pieces
Replacement precision bore column with spherical joint/hose connector
Replacement precision bore tip
Replacement clamp for upper spherical joint
Replacement clamp for lower spherical joint (for precision bore column only)
Vibrator (115 VAC). Portable for easier packing of silica gel
Vibrator (230 VAC). Portable for easier packing of silica gel.
Hand held UV lamp (115 volt)
Hand held UV lamp (230 volt)
Replacement short and long wave bulbs
Hypodermic syringe 1ml + needle (10 cm)
Heat Shrink Tubing 1/8 inch diameter, 12 pcs x 4 ft (not approved but more practical for standard column)
Optional Certification of Pressure Gauge

Overall dimensions are 28 x 6 x 78 inches high (70 x 15 x 195 cm). Shipping weight is approximately 190 lbs

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Specifications subject to change without notice. Lawler Manufacturing Corporation © 2011
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