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D86 : Distillation Apparatus
D91 : Water and Sediment in Oils
D97 : Pour point
D130 : Copper Corrosion Test
D216 : Distillation Apparatus
D233 : Distillation Apparatus
D287 : API Gravity
D323 : Reid Vapor Pressure
D445 : Kinematic Viscosity
D447 : Distillation Apparatus
D471 : Rubber Property-Effect of Liquids
D525 : Oxidation Stability of Fuels
D613 : Cetane Engine Automation
D665 : Rusting Properties of Oils
D850 : Distillation Apparatus
D865 : Rubber Deterioration by Heating in Air
D873 : Oxidation Stability of Aviation Fuels
D892 : Foaming Tendency of Oils
D943 : Oxidation Stability of Distillate Oils
D1078 : Distillation Apparatus
D1177 : Engine Coolants Freezing Point
D1298 : Specific Gravity
D1319 : Hydrocarbon Types by FIA
D1401 : Water Separability of Oils
D1478 : Grease Torque Test
D1742 : Oil Separation from Grease
D1748 : Rust Protection in the Humidity Cabinet
D1796 : Water and Sediment in Oils
D1881 : Foaming Tendency of Engine Coolants
D2068 : Filter Blocking Point
D2112 : Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test (RBOT)
D2170 : Kinematic Viscosity of Asphalt
D2171 : Kinematic Viscosity of Asphalt
D2265 : Dropping Point of Grease
D2272 : Rotary Bomb Oxidation Test (RBOT)
D2273 : Centrifuge for Water and Sediment in Oils
D2274 : Oxidation Stability of Distillate Oils
D2386 : Freezing Point of Jet Fuels
D2440 : Oxidation Stability of Oils
D2500 : Cloud Point
D2532 : Low Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Change
D2602 : Cold Crank Simulator
D2619 : Hydrolytic Stability Test
D2699 : Octane Engine Automation
D2700 : Octane Engine Automation
D2709: Water and Sediment in Oils
D2711: Demulsability Characteristics
D2884 : Automated Penetrometers
D2885 : In-Line Octane Engine Automation
D2893 : Oxidation Stability of Distillate Oils
D2983 : Low Temperature Brookfield Viscosity
D3117 : Wax Appearance Point
D3603 : Rusting Properties of Oils
D3829 : Refrigerated Chillers for Automobile Lubricants
D4007: Centrifuge for Water and Sediment in Oils
D4310 : Oxidation Stability of Distillate Oil
D4539 : Low Temperature Filterability Test
D4636 : Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability
D4684 : Refrigerated Chillers for Automobile Lubricants
D4693 : Low Temperature Grease Torque Test
D4742 : Thin Film Oxygen Uptake Test (TFOUT)
D5293 : Cold Crank Simulator
D5853 : Pour Point of Crude Oils
D5968 : Oxidation Stability of Distillate Oils
D6082 : Foaming Tendency of Oils at 150ºC
D6371 : Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)
D6422 : Phase Separation of Gasoline
D6468 : High Temp. Stability of Distillate Fuels
D6594 : Corrosivenes and Oxidation Stability
Data Acquisition
for Pour Point
for Flash Point
for Distillation
for Cloud Point
for CFR Engine
for Waukesha Engine
for Cetane Number Engine
for Octane Number Engine
for Low Temperature Torque of Lubricating Greases
Daylight Lamp
Demulsibility Characteristics
DIN Test Methods
Dennision Filterability Test
of Light Hydrocarbons by Pressure Hydrometer
of Petroleum Products
Deterioration of Rubber by Liquids
Deterioration of Rubber by Heated Air
Deutsche Norm Test Methods (DIN)
Distillate Fuel Oil
Cloud point
Cold Filter Plugging Point (CFPP)
Low Temperature Filterability Test (LTFT)
Oxidation Characteristics
Pour Point
of Petroleum Products
of Petroleum Products at Reduced Pressures
Dropping Point of Lubricating Greases
Dryness of Gaseous Fuels
Dyed Silica Gel
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