Test Methods: ASTM D892, D6082
Heated AIR Baths for Foaming Characteristics of Petroleum Products
  • Meet the requirements of ASTM D6082 150°C foaming test
  • Meet the requirements of ASTM D892 for foaming characteristics
  • Operating temperatures from +20° to +150°C
  • Digital indicating PID temperature controller, ±0.5°C stability
  • Rapid sample heat up
  • Refrigerated option for rapid sample cool down
  • Eliminates liquid bath medium for improved safety and cleanliness
  • Two channel mass flow control of air flow
  • Automatic test event sequencer

Model 323 is a four test position heated AIR bath for measuring the foaming tendencies of lubricating oils in the temperature range of +20 to +150°C. The use of heated air to heat the test samples improves the overall safety by eliminating the use of the potentially unsafe, smoking, dripping of, flammable, hot liquid bath medium. Conventional bath fluids darken and require frequent replacement. (Use of silicone oils is not recommended since only a few parts per million contamination will distort the foam results.)

Model 323 uses a digital indicating (0.1°C resolution) PID controller for controlling the air temperature in the chamber, with a stability of better than ±0.5°C over the operating range. Novel, sophisticated heating system and control allows the sample to reach test temperature in less than the 60 minutes specified by the method. Long temperature probes are provided for each of the 4 test positions for digital control and test sample temperature display and precise temperature control during the foaming process.

For improved consistency of results, two digital indicating mass air flow controllers are used for precisely measuring and controlling the amount of air delivered to the air diffuser. The air flow is controlled at either a rate of 94 or 200 ±5 mL/min. (depending if testing by ASTM D892 or D6082, respectively).

An automated, two channel sequencer automatically starts the air flow after the 5 minutes soak time, after 5 minutes stops the air flow and sounds an alarm, and again sounds an alarm after the 10 minutes settling period (other times are also available).

A touch screen allows the operator selection and full adjustment of all test parameters. All key test parameters are displayed during the test. Also displayed is the time remaining to the next test event requiring operator attention.

A multi-pane insulated window allows full view of the test cylinder for observation of the foam.

A chilled water/glycol mixture is required to maintain 24°C (75°F) in the air chamber for Sequence I and III testing. The chilled mixture is also helpful for rapid cool down of the air chamber for the next test. Model FM-16, refrigerated chiller suitable for this task is also available (see foam accessory section)

Model 323-H is identical to Model 323 with the exception that its temperature range is only 90°C to 150°C. It is suitable for ASTM D892 Sequence II only, and D6082 test methods.

Available Models
Model No.
Temperature Range
Test Methods
Heating Medium
Cabinet Dimensions
Ship Weight lbs/cu.ft
+20ºC to +150ºC
ASTM D6082 and D892
(All Sequences)
+90ºC to +150ºC
ASTM D6082 and D892
(Sequences II Only)

Options for Above Models
Part No.
One channel totalizer installed in Model 323 baths
Two channel totalizer installed in Model 323 baths
One channel totalizer (free standing)
Two channel totalizer (free standing)
Fan assembly for quicker cooling of Model 323 baths

Model: FM-5
Test Tube Support Rack
Model: FM-16
Model: FM14/15
Air Supply Assembly & Air Drying Tower
Model: CFA
Fan Assembly for quicker cooling of Model 323 baths

Part No.
Flat bottomed glass 100mL graduated test cylinder starting at 10mL and continuing at 10mL increments

Certified Mott metal cylindrical gas diffuser (more uniform air bubbles and greater precision than Norton)

Certified Norton spherical gas diffuser
Test assembly includes 1 of each:
FM-1 - 100mL graduated test cylinder
FM-3 - Mott metal cylindrical gas diffuser
FM-10 - glass air-outlet tube
FM-11 - air-inlet tube
FM-12 - sealing washer
FM-13 - two hole rubber stopper
Four position sample storage rack (cylinders not included)
Glass air-outlet tube (90º)
Plated air-inlet tube
Sealing washer (for between inlet tube and diffuser)
Rubber stopper (two holes)
Air drying tower with Dririte desiccant and stand. (Recommended when using house air)
Air supply pump & surge tower assembly. (Recommended when using your own desiccant)
Air supply pump and surge tower (FM-15) with air drying tower (FM-14) assembly.
Mechanically refrigerated bath (12 liters) with a digital indicating controller. Operating temperature range is +10ºC to -35ºC. Designed for pumping cold liquid to cool Model 323 or 323-H air foam bath. It allows Model 323 to operate at 24ºC as well as rapidly cool the air chamber to the lower temperature.
Overall dimensions: 14"x23"33"
Flow cooler (used with Model 24 and 28 liquid baths). It is used to maintain the 24ºC bath when the ambient temperature in the laboratory is above 24ºC.
Digital indicating flow rate, certified “U“ tube manometer
PC controlled apparatus (visual first bubble detection)
Automated Diffuser Certification Apparatus
20 liters (5gal.) of Polyalphaolefin (PAO) bath medium oil, containing no silicones. PAO fluid has longer life at higher temperatures then conventional bath medium oils. 27 liters (7 gal.) need to fill each liquid bath. Replaces silicones as heated bath medium. Silicone fluids are not recommended. Even low levels (1 ppm and above) of silicone contamination interfere with test results.
Two channel digital flow control unit, upgrade from rotameter (incl. massflow controllers & LED displays)
Automatic controller, upgrade (incl. 2 massflow controllers, touch panel, sequencer, 4 RTD's)
Automatic controller, upgrade, same as FM-9 but specifically to upgrade owners of Lawler Model 24
Re-certification of diffuser stone
Table for air bath. Feet have sliders
Table for air bath with FM-16 chiller. Feet have sliders

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