Test Method: ASTM D86, D216, D447, D850, D1078, E133

Two Positions Manual Distillation Apparatus

• Conform to ASTM D86, D216, D447, D850, D1078, and
E133 Methods
• Adjustable Electrical Heating
.• Two Distillation Units in One Apparatus
• Models with:
- Ice Cooled Condenser Bath
- Heated Condenser Bath
- Refrigerated Condenser Bath
• Temperature Controlled Receiver Bath
• Analog Watt Meter Display
• Digital Bath Temperature Controllers
• Automated Fire Extinguisher
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Uniquely designed manual distillation apparatus with the right and left distillation positions combined in one unit. The two distillation units share a common condenser bath.

The apparatus conforms to ASTM D86 and E133 (and related methods) specifications. The brass condenser tubes in the condenser bath fully conform to the specifications for size, shape and drain angle.

The condenser bath is common to both distillation positions (i.e., with two condenser tubes) and comes in several configurations as described below:

Model 9R-2 is fitted with an agitated condenser bath that is mechanically refrigerated and controlled via a digital display controller. This eliminates the use of ice. Lowest bath temperature is -10°C and stability of ±0.5°C.

The heater and flask height position is easily and smoothly adjustable by a turn of the knob mounted on the front of each side's heater section.

Model 9R-2 comes equipped with a temperature controlled receiver cooling water bath for two receiver cylinders. The back and front of receiver cooling bath has glass windows and is back lit for ease of reading the level in the receiver cylinder.

In the event of primary controller failure Models 9H-2 has a redundant high limit controller of the condenser bath to prevent over heating. A float in the condenser bath offers additional protection by interrupting power in the event of low bath liquid.

Each distillation flask is heated by a 1000 watts electrical heater and protected in a stainless steel enclosure with a viewing port. The heater's intensity is adjustable with a variable transformer. With option -XH the heater can be increased to 1250 watts which may be important for some Group 4 products.

Option -W allows a more reproducible heat input to the flask via an analog watt meter.

With the -FS option safety is improved by an automated fire suppression system in each of the distillation positions by the addition of an automatically triggered CO2 fire extinguisher.

Part No.
Fire supression system
Watt meter, per test position. Recommended
Temperature controlled bath for receiving cylinder (included with Models 9R-2)
Increased heater capacity to 1250 watts
Distillation Type A flask, 100 mL
Distillation Type B flask, 125 mL
Type 2 support board for Type A, 100 mL flask
Type 2 support board for Type B, 125 mL flask
Graduated receiving cylinder, 100 mL
Glass bath jar for 1 receiving cylinder(100 x 230 mm)
Bath for 2 receiving cylinders

Specifications subject to change without notice.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Lawler Manufacturing Corporation © 2011
Distillation, petroleum, motor gasoline, aviation, turbine, fuels, boiling point, naphta, white spirits, kerosene, gas oils, distillate, fuel, oils, atmospheric, pressure, ASTM D216, ASTM D447, ASTM D850, ASTM D1078, ASTM E133, IP123, IP195, ISO 3405, DIN 51751, FTM 791-1001, 791-1015, NF M 07-002, D86