Test Method: ASTM D4636, D5968, D6594, FTM 791-5307, FTM 791-5308
Corrosiveness and Oxidation Stability of Hydraulic Oils, Aircraft Turbine Engine Lubricants, Diesel Engine Oils, and other Highly Refined Oils
• Individual Heated Tube Bath Conforming to ASTM D4636, ....D5968, D6594
• Aluminum Block Bath Conforming to ASTM D4636, ....D5968, D6594
• Temperature Range 50° to 220°C
• Temperature Stability of ±0.5°C
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Lawler offers a wide range of heated baths for the oxidation of oil products by ASTM D4636, D5968, D6594, and FTM 791-5307/5308 methods. Each test position has a float in tube flowmeter with a precision control valve for the delivering up to 10 ±1 L/hr air to the test sample. Test methods specify flowmeter apparatus as 10 L/Hr but actual flowrates are 5 L/Hr in D4636 Alternate Proc. 2, D5968, and D6594. FTM 791-5308 states 3 L/Hr for spindle oils, 5 L/Hr all other oils. Upon request we can substitute the 10 L/Hr flowmeters with approx. 6 or 8.5 L/Hr flowmeters for increased precision at operating flowrates. A high limit controller(s) is also provided for each unit interrupting power to the heaters in the event of primary controller failure and over heating.

Model HT-10-6 has 6 heated tube positions conforming to ASTM D4636 and related test methods. Each heated tube is of proper dimension to snugly fit the test tube. Each test position is individually temperature controlled with an indicating digital PID controller. Temperature stability of each position is ±0.5°C. Temperature range is from +50° to +220°C. Each tube’s temperature may be independently adjusted so as to assure each sample temperature in each test position is identical. It is energy saving since only the desired positions need to be operated. Model HT-10-6 has further flexibility allowing each test position to be at widely different temperatures. Each position is protected against overheating in the event of primary controller failure.

Model 419-4 is a 4 position dry aluminum block bath conforming to ASTM D4636 and related test methods. Upon request, Lawler can supply two independent blocks holding two samples each as shown in the photograph. The bench top cabinet holds both blocks separated by insulation. Each block has an independent digital display PID temperature controller. Each block may be operated at a different temperature from the other or remain unused to save energy. Inquire if this option is desired. Temperature stability and position to position uniformity within each block is ±0.5ºC (or better).

Model 419-6 is identical to 419-4, except it is a 6 position model.
We can accommodate requests for alternate numbers of positions. Please inquire.
Model 26 removes moisture from pressurized house air and is equipped with an electronic sensor measuring the dew point. The standard procedure of ASTM D4636 test method specifies that dry air with a dew point of -68°C be used for testing.

Model 33 humidifies air to 10 ±1 mg/L of air and is equipped with an electronic sensor measuring water content. Alternative Procedures 1 and 2 of ASTM D4636 test method may specify that humidified air be used for testing.

Available Models
Model No.
Individually Heated Tube Bath, 6 positions, 5 -10 L/hr flowmeters
Heated Aluminum Block Bath, 4 positions, 5 -10 L/hr flowmeters
Heated Aluminum Block Bath, 6 positions, 5 -10 L/hr flowmeters

Model No.
Sample test tube, ea
Sample tube head, ea (ASTM D4636, D5968, D6594, FTM791/5307)
Air delivery tube, ea to fit CO-2 (ASTM D4636, D5968, D6594, FTM791/5307)
Air delivery tube, ea to fit CO-4A (ASTM D4636 Alt. Proc 2, FTM791/5308)
Allinh condenser, ea to fit CO-2 (ASTM D4636, D5968, D6594, FTM791/5307)
Allinh condenser, ea to fit CO-1 (ASTM D4636 Alt. Proc 2, FTM791/5308)
Tube for thermocouple (ASTM D5968, D6594, FTM791/5307 only), ea
Sheathed thermocouple (ASTM D5968 & D6594 only), ea. 5 ft cable. Type T below 300 deg C, Type J above 300 deg C (specify with "-T" or "-J" suffix)
Bare wire thermocouple (D5968, D6594, FTM791/5307 only) specify "-T" or "-J" as above
Sheathed RTD (ASTM D4636, D6594 only)
Metal Test Specimens pack (Cu, Pb, Sn, PBz) (D5968, D6594 only)
Testing assembly (one each of CO-1, CO-2, CO-3, CO-4, CO-5, CO-6)
Metal Test Specimen, Titanium 8% Mn, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307)
Metal Test Specimen, Magnesium AZ31B, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307,5308)
Metal Test Specimen, Steel M50, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307)
Metal Test Specimen, Steel Grade 1010, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307,5308)
Metal Test Specimen, Silicon-iron-bronze, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307)
Metal Test Specimen, Silver 99.95, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307)
Metal Test Specimen, Aluminum Alloy 2024, ea(ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307,5308)
Metal Test Specimen, Copper Cu, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5308)
Metal Test Specimen, Cadmium, ea. (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5308)
Note: Specify if D4636 metal specimens desired as washer or square shaped. Add appropriate suffix to part number "-W" for washer and "-S" for square
Glass spacer to separate the washer style metal specimens, ea
Teflon adaptor for sealing air tube to sample tube head, ea (D4636, D5968, D6594, FTM791/5307)
Suggested Additional Accessories:
Specimen hangers (ASTM D6594 only), per dozen
Sample temperature digital display
Centrifuge tube, cone shaped, 100 mL (ASTM D4636, FTM791/5307 only), each
Oxidation test tube support rack for 12 tubes
Mass flow controller with Windows interface software, each
Air drying tower with Dririte desiccant and stand. (Recommended when using house air)
Air supply pump & surge tower assembly. (Recommended when using your own desiccant)
Air supply pump and surge tower (FM-15) with air drying tower (FM-14) assembly.
Water chiller for condensers
CAMI grade 240 grit silicon carbide paper (closest to European FEPA P280) (D4636 only)
CAMI grade 400 grit silicon carbide paper (closest to European FEPA P800) (D4636, D5968, D6594)
CAMI grade 240 grit aluminum oxide paper (closest to European FEPA P280) (D5968 and D6594)
Dehumidifier for testing air
Humidifier for testing air per ASTM D4636 Appendix
Paperless videographic temperature/flow recorder with flash memory card

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Lawler Manufacturing Corporation © 2011