Test Method: FTM 719-5321
Corrosion of Lead
• Meets the Requirements of FTM 719-5321
• Automated Stirrer Timing with Automated Lowering and ....Raising
• Liquid Bath with 3 or 6 Test Position
• Operating Temperature from 40º to 200ºC
• Temperature Stability of ±0.1ºC

Model 416-3 is a 3 position fully insulated stainless steel oil bath with an operating range from 40º to 200ºC. Temperature control is provided by digital indicating controller providing stability of ±0.1ºC. Built in support rack holds the test tube to the proper immersion level. Each position is equipped with a stirrer at 600 +/-50 rpm for rotating the copper and lead specimens in the test oil.

For improved operator efficiency, Model 416-3 is semi automated. After the test tube with the test oil is placed in the bath, there is a 30 minutes wait as specified by the method. At this point, the stirrers are automatically lowered into the samples, and automatically start rotating at the correct speed. The air flow also starts at the same time. After 60 minutes of operation, the stirrers are automatically stopped, raised from the oil, the air flow is stopped and an alarm sounds.

The remaining time to the next event is digitally displayed as well as stirrer speed. Both the stirrer speed and event timer are adjustable, if so desired.

Each test position has a ball-in-tube flow meters with precision valves providing 2 cubic feet per hour air flow. The flow meters are mounted on the front of the cabinet for easy of adjustment. As an option, mass flow controllers are available providing precise air flow independent of air temperature or pressure.

To prevent temperature run away in case of primary controller failure a redundant temperature controller disconnects power to the heaters. A low bath liquid level detector also disconnects power to the heaters.

Also available is Model 416-6, identical to Model 416-3 but with 6 test positions.

Also available is Model 416-M, similar to Model 416-6 with 6 test positions but without the automated feature of raising, lowering, starting and stopping of the stirrers and air flow.

The overall dimensions of Model 416-3 are 810 X 65 X 1140 mm (32 X 25 X 45 inches) LWH.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Lawler Manufacturing Corporation © 2011