Test Methods: ASTM D445, D2171
Above Ambient Temperature Kinematics Viscosity Baths
• Conforms to ASTM D445, and D2171
• Bath Temperature Stability and Uniformity of ±0.01°C
• Temperature ranges from +30°C to +250°C
• Digital Indicating PID Controller with 0.01°C Resolution
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Software Assistant for Manual D445 Viscosity Testing

Model 86-20-AV Pictured with AV Automation,
KVH Holders, and CF-17 Vacuum Pump

All models conform to the most recent ASTM D445, and D2171 specifications using digital indicating PID temperature controller providing bath stability and uniformity of ±0.02°C.

Model 86-20 is by far our most popular model. It has a 305 mm (12 inch) round Pyrex jar is enclosed in a safety cabinet. The 7 test positions located near the front of the viewing window allow easy view of the viscometers. Temperature range is +30° to 150°C. Cabinets are made of anodized aluminum frame and panels. A safety viewing window in front of the bath jar provides an insulating air space and protection against breakage. The cabinet acts as a barrier to room temperature fluctuations from drafts air conditioning vents, opening and closing of doors, etc. Kinematic viscosity is highly temperature dependent, evident by the test method requiring ±0.02°C temperature stability, so the enclosed cabinet provides a key benefit over open jar type baths.  Furthermore this model also uses a high end sophisticated temperature controller used in process control field. The jar is illuminated by a fluorescent back light for easy reading of the meniscus.

Model 86-20-AV is identical to Model 86-20 but configured to accept either one or two Lawler KVH viscometer holders or Schott automated AVS or TC viscometer holders. It can also be configured to accept one or two automated viscometers by other manufacturers. Please specify details of your application when ordering.

Model AV Automation Main Control Unit is purchased with the 86-20-AV and KVH Holder to complete the KV automation system available from Lawler. Model AV captures the signals from the KVH holders and uses a convenient color touch panel. Up to two KV tests can be operated independently of each other. Upon insertion of the holder and pressing start, the unit will wait to bring the sample to bath temperature (pre-configured to 30 minutes), then turn on the vacuum pump, pull vacuum, release and commence testing the first run. After completing the first run, a second run is performed automatically. Result times for both runs are displayed.

Model 86-17D is a traditional open jar type kinematic viscosity bath with a temperature range of +30° to 100°C. A protective clear shield is supplied for improved temperature stability and operator safety versus competitive models. A temperature controller with 0.1°C resolution is supplied.

Available Models
Above Ambient Temperature Kinematic Viscosity Baths:
Model No.
Ship. Weight
+30 to100°C
Open Jar
(0.1ºC resolution digital controller)
* 86-20-AV
+30 to150°C
Adapted for use with two automated viscometers
* 86-20
+30 to150°C

Enclosed Cabinet, Backlit Round Glass Jar
(0.01 resolution digital controller).

* High end sophisticated digital temperature controller

Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Specifications subject to change without notice. Lawler Manufacturing Corporation © 2011

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